Talent Optimization

Better Productivity, Less Turnover,
Happier People

Teams in crisis are a problem for your entire organization. Managers waste precious time moderating disagreements or acting as counselors, drawing focus away from their core responsibilities. Your employees become unhappy – and not just the troublemakers. Dysfunctional team dynamics affect everyone, including your most valuable employees, dragging down morale, increasing turnover and damaging your culture.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Tech Valley Recruiting, our consultative approach to optimizing teams starts by aligning with your business strategy. We get companies running more efficiently with satisfied employees who are motivated to be more productive – and stay longer.

How to get the most out of your team

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The Solution: A Four-Part Strategy

As a Certified Partner for The Predictive Index, we start with your business strategy and results in mind, then walk you through a 4-part process to optimize your teams.


We’ll look at your organization’s structure and business strategy to assess your leadership team’s fit and dynamics, then help establish or refine your company culture. We’ll identify any holes in your organization, or any misalignment in current job placements.


We’ll help flesh out role requirements, prepare team leaders for growth, assess the cultural fit of potential candidates, and predict how new additions will change your team dynamics.


At this phase, we’ll define career paths and develop leadership talent while creating high-performing teams, all of which feeds into building and enhancing your culture.


We’ll help you decide which people metrics to monitor, including behavioral profiles, cognitive abilities (without cultural bias), job performance, employee engagement and organizational cultures. Then we help determine how to best measure these on an ongoing basis.

How Does Talent Optimization Work?

This is a highly-tailored consultative process that will be unique for each organization. We will define the exact program together based on your specific needs and current situation, but you can expect:

Collaborative meetings and working sessions to discuss your company’s strategy, challenges, goals, structure, culture and more

A custom action plan and recommended timeline, designed to help you use these behavioral insights to improve team dynamics

Behavioral assessments of each manager and team member to assess natural styles and how each person responds in times of stress

Long-range recommendations to help your organization grow strategically while building optimal career paths for employees

And, of course, continued support as you implement our plan, making adjustments as needed based on actual outcomes

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