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retained recruitment search

Retained Search

Retained search is a boutique approach designed for businesses with unique, hard-to-fill mid-senior positions. These searches typically require a close partnership between the company and the recruiter. With dedicated support and deep recruiting expertise in the manufacturing and engineering industries, retained search is our specialty.

Contingency Search

Contingency search is a common recruiting option. Frequently, several recruiting agencies work competitively to fill a single opening. This is a cost-effective search type that can be a good fit for mid-level roles, but in certain scenarios, the competitive approach can actually undermine your search. We can help you assess whether this is the right fit for you.

Confidential Search

Looking to launch a new product and don’t want to tip off the competition? Or perhaps you have a sensitive hiring need, such as replacing a current employee. Confidential search keeps your openings offline to avoid being seen by the wrong set of eyes. We ensure that your confidential search identifies the right candidate while keeping your privacy protected.

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Our Recruiting Process: What to Expect

1. Go beyond the job description to flesh out critical performance goals.

The description can be a weak spot. It’s hard to summarize the important parts of a role in a few paragraphs, and often, descriptions end up vague and full of generalities. We’ll meet with your hiring manager to create unique performance profiles. This is the key to strong job alignment. We dive in deep to understand the critical outcomes of the role, including those which may not be obvious at first.

2. Dig into the candidates for perfect alignment.

At this stage, we ensure that the candidate’s accomplishments align with the performance goals we’ve set. We’ll also look at the work environments they’ve flourished in – for example, start-up mode versus manufacturing mode – to ensure a holistic fit.

3. Perform assessments.

We measure and analyze each candidate’s behavioral profile to check that their intrinsic values are a good fit for your needs. As a The Predictive Index (PI) Certified Talent Optimization Consultant and Leader, we have proven, data-driven tools to support these assessments.

4. You meet only the best candidates.

Other recruiters may pride themselves on speed and quantity, delivering 8 or 10 candidates as quickly as possible. But at Tech Valley Recruiting, we know quality is far more important, and we send you only the best fits.

Industries of Focus


A strong leader on your production floor makes all the difference in your final product. Using behavioral profiling, we analyze each candidate for leadership skills and cultural fit as well as the ability to drive your key initiatives forward.


We understand the nuance of your various engineering roles – for example, the different skill sets needed for field versus in-house design versus R&D – and we use various methods to assess candidates to ensure the right long-term fit.


Your maintenance team keeps your equipment – and your business – moving. We source and qualify top talent, looking at past performance in scheduling, programming, and management to keep your production floors humming.

“The more you get to know Leo, the easier it is to see why his business grows through word of mouth. He’s flexible and works with you as your needs evolve, often anticipating them before you will. He genuinely cares that he finds the right candidate for his clients. Our hiring team noted that the quality of candidates he presented to us were of a much higher caliber than other means of recruitment we had tried. He does what he says he will do, and communicates with you every step of the way. Leo is cut from a different cloth than traditional recruiters, which has made him a valued member of our team.”

Adam Stiles, Specialty Silicone Products

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