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Your company is only as strong as your people. At Tech Valley Recruiting, we align your passion and vision with those of the perfect candidate. We only place highly accomplished mid-senior talent who want to make a real impact in their next influential role. Offload your recruiting function to us, letting HR focus on other priorities and freeing hiring managers to do their jobs.

And we don’t stop at recruiting: discover 360-degree talent solutions that put people first. If you plan to keep recruiting in-house, we can transform your talent acquisition process for better efficiency and effectiveness. And we help optimize team dynamics to eliminate conflict, reduce turnover and improve productivity.


Where do you need the most help?

Redesigning Talent Acquisition

Make your hiring processes more efficient & effective


Talent Optimization

Reduce conflict & turnover by assessing team dynamics


Recruitment Services

Offload the process and reduce hiring manager effort


“Leo at Tech Valley Recruiting has been far more than just a recruiter for Assembly– he is a strategic partner who has helped us to optimize our entire recruitment process. After five minutes of talking to Leo, you can tell that he is a lifelong learner. He has taken the time to delve deeply into every aspect of recruitment, from creating accurate and inclusive job descriptions to setting up hires for success beyond their start date. Having his expertise has been invaluable in our journey to create recruitment practices that are thoughtful, agile, and effective.”

Kim Gillman, Assembly OSM, Inc.

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