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Your career is important: it’s part of your identity and what gets you up in the morning. It also affects your family. Tech Valley Recruiting takes your career seriously, and that’s why our placements typically last for years. We dedicate our energy to finding the perfect fit, making sure your passions and goals align with those of the employer.

We’re always on the lookout for highly accomplished, mid-senior level talent who want a new opportunity for success. If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place!

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You Deserve Full Transparency

Always look before you leap. With us, you’ll know the role inside and out – the good, the bad, and the ugly – before you consider any offer. We help you understand the challenges and what the team and work environments are truly like.

And we commit to transparency throughout the process. Every single applicant gets an acknowledgement and response from our team. That’s just basic respect.

What you can expect:

Initial call to learn about you and go over the opportunity at a high level

Assessment of cultural fit and job alignment

Introduction to the hiring manager

Pre-interview & post-interview prep and feedback

Consistent, routine follow up throughout

We dig into:

The hiring manager: what they expect, and what they’re like

The level of influence the role has on the organization

Where you are in your career path as compared to your goals

Whether this is a chance for career growth or just a lateral move

Full disclosure of compensation including benefits

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What Our Candidates Say

“Working with Leo at Tech Valley Recruiting has been an amazing life changing event for me. Leo was able to do a great deal of the hard work that goes into placing a good employee at a good place of employment. I was stuck, comfortable, but bored. I needed a change which required relocating. Leo handled a lot of the pressures of looking for a place of employment while trying to move my family. I now love my job, company, and state I call home. Thank you, Leo. I wouldn’t be here today without you!”

Chris C.
Service engineer

‘Leo at Tech Valley Recruiting was professional and walked me through the recruitment process step by step. He knew the salary I was expecting and the field I wanted to be in. The company Leo matched me with was a perfect fit for them and for me.”

Glenda C.