What Makes Us Tick

Our Purpose

To connect employee-empowered organizations that are primarily driven by an obligation to better our world with dynamic talent to create a perfect union of skills, passion and vision.

A Passion for Engineering & Manufacturing

The engineering and manufacturing world is an incredible ecosystem that truly drives our economy. And we understand that in this space, every employee is mission-critical.

That’s why we’re solely dedicated to recruitment and talent-focused services for these sectors. We use our industry expertise to find the perfect match between a highly-skilled employee and their next influential role, one where their passion will help shape the company’s future.

And that’s been our passion for more than a decade.

Behavior & Performance Profiling: Putting People First

Our talent solutions augment internal HR processes, reducing workload and speeding time-to-hire, which ultimately means faster development, less downtime and happier customers and shareholders. We do this by focusing on people.

We assess the candidate’s performance profile, checking that their prior experience aligns with the demands and the environment of the role. For example, someone who has spent their career in fast-moving start-ups, wearing lots of hats and taking risks might not be the best fit for a well-established enterprise with clearly-defined roles and hierarchies.

And as a The Predictive Index (PI) Certified Partner, we have a suite of data-driven talent optimization tools that help us assess behavioral attributes to determine job alignment, ensuring that a candidate’s natural style and preferences fit the position.

Our two-pronged approach identifies the best possible fit for both sides. That’s why our placements often last for years. It’s how we’re able to guarantee placements for six months to one year, depending on the role.

Learn more about our process for small-to-mid-sized hiring firms or for mid-level-to-senior candidates.

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Reach out to learn why our guarantees are 3x longer than the industry average.